Lagunitas tweets about Chicago location

From @LagunitasT on Twitter
May 15, 2012

LagChi will b in the 28th ward. The ward’s Alderman invited me to talk to the community meeting last week.The ward’s mostly Hispanic & Black
I was vry much the outsider, but I met vry kind people there. Brwry’s in the south ward, d north ward’s harder place though- street dealing.
It’s the rougher version of the real world… It’s not Petaluma…But it’s a neighborhood that’s being reclaimed by its inhabitants. That…
…that will include us.It will be a new sort of responsibility. We’ll have a role there…smtimes theres more to brewing than just brewing.
Truth is..I have no idea what that role will be, but the community meeting was a vry human thing…a moving thing. It was a strange feeling.
Thanks for the kind encouragement! It will be something new for us to learn about..DouglasPk doesnt need saving, it just needs more friends.

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