Disappointing store


The Cerveza Store in San Diego’s Seaport Village was terribly disappointing.

I entered hoping to find swag from the county’s four score of Craft Breweries. What I found were novelty t-shirts featuring trite beer sayings and lots of Big Beer crap.

Entrepreneurs: I think there’s a great opportunity for the kind of store I was expecting. If you need someone to run it, let me know!


Hello, again!

It’s been months since I blogged. In case you didn’t know, a job change took me from my native California and moved me to Shreveport, Louisiana. I’m enjoying the job, but the beer scene is practically non-existent (although two new craft breweries, Red River Brewing and Great Raft Brewing are just about up and running).

When I moved here I was able to bring with me 180 great California IPAs, thanks to the generosity of family and friends. After four months that supply has dwindled and I’m restocking. That’s not an easy task.

The only place that really has a good supply of craft beer is Brewniverse, a bottle shop and brewers supply store. Still, the selection of CA beers exists of North Coast, a Green Flash and some Anchor.

Dallas has some good shops, but that’s three hours away! I think distribution is the issue in Louisiana as it seems to be controlled by the majors. I wonder how one could start an independent craft beer distribution company…hmm.

I found a few good brews…Deep Ellum Brewery in Dallas and Wiseacre Brewing in Memphis. Both have good IPAs.