SAN DIEGO: Modern Times Beer

During my Thanksgiving visit to San Diego county I was able to visit Modern Times Beer. What a treat!

The ambiance is amazing:

  • A comic book wall
  • Wall art of Michael Jackson and Bubbles made out of Post-It Notes
  • Beer selections on repurposed pallets
  • A granite bar with a base made of books
  • So cool!

    Even better…the beer was great.

    I tried the core four. Lomaland, a saison, and Black House, an oatmeal stout, were great. But I was knocked out by a couple hoppy surprises — Fortunate Islands, a wheat ale, and Blazing World, an amber.

    I’ve never had a wheat or an amber so hoppy!

    20131202-104045.jpgFrom left to right: Lomaland, Fortunate Islands, Black House and Blazing World.

    20131202-221113.jpgRepurposed pallets.

    20131202-221121.jpgPost-It Note art — Michael Jackson and Bubbles.

    20131202-221128.jpgThe comic book wall.

    20131202-221136.jpgAn awesome hangout.

    Modern Times Beer, located at 3725 Greenwood St., San Diego (across from the Sports Arena) is open daily Noon to 9 p.m.

    (Full disclosure: I donated to Modern Times Kickstarter campaign, but I guarantee I would have been equally impressed regardless!)


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